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Martin Tõnts

Martin is known mainly as a graphical and a comic book artist. His prints can be found in the graphics “Golden Age” collection, as well as in the EAA works archives. Martin has been making illustrations for a seriously long time now- for the last nine years. The main object in his works are […]

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Piia Põldmaa

Piia is amother, her friends external memory, a chief and a recipe collection, a handicrafts woman, a garden worker, an animal tamer, a household plant lexicon, a skier, a swimmer, a passionate reader, a theater fan, a design-crazy internet junkie and a book collector, a regular at world’s art museums, a cloud observer and […]

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Taavi Rull

Taavi is amix of spring and summer- impatient, but responsible. He likes to be both feet in the present, although there are moments when the future picks on the curiosity. Taavi met came across art already in her youth years. Primary and secondary educations are from the  Old Town Educational College, higher education from the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of […]

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Maret Põldre

Maret is a designer and an illustrator during leisure time- luckily her job and her hobby come tight. Maret owns a Master’s degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has fifteen years of graphical design experience, and most of it from the Identity Branding Agency.

Drawing has been Maret’s favourite thing since childhood, so peculiar characters has […]

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Authors of the works represented on TUJU website are here:

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During the period form 8th October 2012 to 31st March 2013 were carried out multiple design counsultancy projects with Identity Branding Agency.

Special thanks to You, guys!

Egle Raudvee: Account Director, Martin Tõnts: Designer, Maret Põldre: Designer, Ants Lusti: Brand Strategist and CEO, Piia Põldmaa: Designer, Meelis Opmann: Designer, Brigita Puustusmaa: Account Director, Ionel Lehari: Creative […]

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The main objective of the projects is to value the role of design in developing products, services and business models and create additional value through contributing and establishing business contacts and cooperation with designers.

1. During the period form 8th October 2012 to 31st December 2012 was carried out and co-financed by the European Social Fund a design […]

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